30 January, 2007

Pond hockey at the blue zoo

On Sunday afternoon, I went and met some friends at a restaurant near the "Blue Zoo" and the "Worker's Stadium." The Workers Stadium is a huge soccer (futbol) stadium that is being renovated now for the Olympics. The first NFL game will also be held there in August, this year.

Anyway, the restaurant looks over a small pond in front of the blue zoo. It's frozen now...well, mostly frozen. There were quite a few people out there skating. Not only skating, but also scooting around on these small wooden stools with short wooden poles to push them along. Weird. I'll get some pictures next time. There were also a lot of old people out there, skating along in their "speed skates." Those are the skates with long blades and flimsy boots.

All of the sudden, I see a puck slide down the ice! Then, a group of four Chinese guys appear with some sticks and gloves on. I didn't think people would play pond hockey in China. It was pretty cool to see. Made me want to get out there with them....but...I can't find any sticks here! I also don't have the rest of my equipment. Sounds like a job for my cousin, when he comes here in March.

I'm not sure this ice would hold me too well though. My mom does say I'm a graceful skater, but I think this ice is a bit too thin for this big, graceful guy.

What is the "blue zoo" you ask? Come on!


Kristasphere said...

So do you go out like every night, then Mike?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Brian always said the Manns skate in slow motion.

manninchina said...

Krista...I wish! Most weekdays, I go from work to home. I get out during the week once, if I'm lucky. But on the weekends, I'm usually out and about.

Looks like we're going to need to get a Connors vs. Manns hockey game going at Caz! The Thanksgiving tradition has died out a bit though.