31 January, 2007

The real blue zoo

My apartment didn't come "fully stocked" with things like dishes, glasses, etc.... It had some, but not much and certainly not anything you'd be proud to entertain people with. Well, I decided I'd have some people over for dinner this Friday, so...time for some purchasing.

Where to go? I figured either Walmart or IKEA. I had been to neither thus far in my stay here in Beijing. I've heard stores about both. Particularly, IKEA...where people would hang out on the couches (which are in the furniture showrooms), go there just to eat the Swedish meatballs in the food court, over-crowded, etc... Based solely on those rumors, I decided I'd go see for myself....and, buy some stuff too.

I'll start off with the good stuff. All of the rumors I heard are true. The place is a mad house (hence, the blue zoo), people literally do seem to go there just to hang out. The top floor consists of many different style rooms (living rooms, dens, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms). There were people just sitting around, chatting away in every one of these rooms. I didn't come across anyone sitting on a toilet, but I was hoping too (thankfully, they don't have squatters in the show rooms). The food court, it was packed...not an unhappy person in there. And the elevators, you could fit a mid-size car in those things!

All-in-all though, it's a great place to go shopping for "home stuff" here in Beijing. They have everything you need. I'd highly recommend it. Although, be prepared to get pissed off due to the over flowing amount of people wandering around.

BTW...I walked around just about that whole place. I think I was 1 of 10 foreigners in there. Thousands of Chinese.

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