29 January, 2007

The coffee maker

A few months ago, I bought a coffee maker for the office. I did this mostly for my benefit, but I figured some people on the team would use it. I knew that coffee was not very popular in China (tea, of course, is the hot beverage of choice). However, I didn't realize that people would not know how to use a coffee maker, stupid me.

So, after a couple weeks of just assuming no one else wanted coffee, the team finally asked me for a quick tutorial on how to make coffee. I was a bit surprised and found it a tad funny, but I went on with the tutorial. I went through it, step-by-step ... how to put the filter in, how many scoops of coffee, how much water ... that's pretty much it!

So, it was going fairly well. Although, the coffee pot would get left on for hours & hours...I think they were using more of the powder cream than the coffee...to be expected, I guess. Then, something happened...we ran out of coffee filters.

My expectations...someone would order some more. Nope. They continued to make coffee, using the little basket that you place the coffee filter in, as the filter. I wasn't sure what to think, but it was time for another quick tutorial.

I think we're back to normal now, but we'll see what happens when we run out of water.


Anonymous said...


I love the posts - some read like a lost episode of Gilligan's Island or something. I dunno.

Me, I couldn't exist without coffee sometimes about 2 pots per day. Sometimes though I get so jazzed I kinda get ADD and can't concentrate although I've got a ton of energy.

Anyway, keep it up - Great style keeping things mixed up.

- Mark

manninchina said...

Mark, I'm glad you enjoy the blog. Everyday is adventure here, I think I should publish a lot more about those adventures!

Gotta love the coffee buzz! Can't find decent coffee here, thankfully my parents have sent over a supply of Tim Hortons for me.