20 June, 2007

This is getting old, really old...

Users rage against China's 'Great Firewall'

It seems that since I left Beijing last week for India, flickr.com is the latest casualty of the Great Firewall. It's starting to eat at me. Blogger blocked again and now flickr, where I have all of my photos (OK, not all, since I've been slacking).

I understand why the blocking happens (understand = know the reasons...not agree with), but I'm fed up. What can I do? Find work-arounds. I'm moving back into yahoo hosting for my blogs (have confirmed that it is accessible in China...as of now). As for flickr...not sure yet. I guess I'll just host my pictures on yahoo via my hosting account.

This sucks.


Anonymous said...

This post has been deemed hurtful to the motherland and has been deleted.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps we will see people launch multiple blogs on different platforms and try to keep the post data sync'd up? Not much you could do about the comments, but it might be a way to have "failover" protection.
- Mark

manninchina said...

Mark - I think you're exactly right. I use livewriter a lot these days, I can easily publish to multiple blogs.
The real problem lies with flickr now...it's great for photo storage and sharing, but now need a new solution.

Sunil said...

have you tried using anonymous proxy. instead of getting to blogger directly from china, what you do is, connect to a proxy server,(in US or some other country) and access blogger from that server. It should work.
Also flickr is being merged with yahoo photos and yahoo photos is being taken down. but you should be able to access flickr using proxy.
btw, i was expecting more unbiased comparison from you between china and india... are you still planning to go ahead with it, or have u dismissed the idea?