25 June, 2007

Back in Beijing & can access flickr!

I arrived back in Beijing yesterday afternoon...feels great to be back. I never thought I would call China home, but I do...for now.

I previously reported that flickr was blocked in China. It may have been last week, but can access it now. This is the good news. The bad news is, the pages (and images) in flickr are not loading completely. Pages with photos will load, but the actual photo won't appear. The status bar at the bottom of the page says "done" ... hmm. This may just be a network glitch now, but likely has something to do with the great fire wall.

So, I think I got my hopes up. Sucks to not be able to view images, but at least I can load up my images for those outside of China to view. The saga continues...

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Mark said...


Can you elaborate a bit on this on again off again situation with blogs, and related hosting services, as accessed in china? So, at a given point in time, things are accessible, then they are not. One infers either a malfunction somewhere, or deliberate efforts to block or suppress the information. Then, it's back up. That implies that either the blocking action was withdrawn, or some new route or protocol was implemented by the host or user to restore service. A giant chess game of sorts - move & counter move. How would you describe it?