16 April, 2007

Beijing Paddy's Day - one of my favorite pictures

This is a picture I took of my cousin in the Forbidden City, on Paddy's day. It's a great shot. I need to get this one blown up and framed. I've got another picture of the same cousin, a couple hours after midnight on this Paddy's day...it's another favorite, though I'm sure his mother wouldn't be happy with the shot ;-). It'll make its way onto the blog or flickr account sooner or later.

I've got 3 months worth of posts and pictures to talk about up here... they'll come out one at time, maybe a few at a time, if I get really ambitious.


Esteban said...

Maybe you should open a XXX blog :)

Something like "Beijing Undercover" or "Wild on Beijing"... toss in a couple of adwords and you'll be able to retire by the time you're 40

Anonymous said...

Michael.. this is his mother.. I want to see the picture !!