16 April, 2007

Beijing Construction Team

A friend of mine here in Beijing had a great idea over the weekend.

In most cases, every construction worker has a very specific job around here. One guy has a small phillips head screw driver, one has the big one, one has the hammer, on the drill, etc.... They use that one tool pretty much all day. So, on their next job, they can say "I'm an expert with the medium size flat head screw driver." We see these guys every day and it gets more and more hilarious every time we see them.

So, what are we going to do? Picture time! We're creating a collection of the Beijing construction workers. Over the weekend we captured one guy with 3 shovels! I think we got one with a welding mask too. Collection will end up on flickr. Stay tuned.

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Dave said...

Check out the New York Times today -- funny piece on Beijing prep for Olympics

Also, Rich Karlgaard throws Chinese construction workers under the bus

"At one end of the rubber band is the economy that can turn out Apple iPods to perfection. At the other end are all those sad, sunburned fellows with bad teeth and Mao hats ... refugees from rural China ... standing by the roadside with shovels. You see scores or hundreds of them at every construction site. They stand around, smoke cigarettes, and occasionally haul a load of dirt from here to there."