19 January, 2007

Starbucks...maybe a bit too invasive

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While there isn't a Starbucks on every corner in China, they are certainly plentiful. In my recent visit to Shanghai, I came across a Starbucks that just seemed to be a bit out of place (pictured above). This Starbucks is located in the Yu Garden area of Shanghai. I don't know much about the Yu Garden, but I know it's a very old and historic place in Shanghai & maybe Starbucks shouldn't be there.

This morning on CNN, I heard Starbucks may get evicted from its Forbidden City location in Beijing. I kind of hope they do. There really is no reason for Starbucks to exist inside the gates of the Forbidden City. If us foreigners want some Starbucks, we can get it before we enter the gates. Read more here...

Time to move out Starbucks, there are plenty of other corners in China for you to park your over-priced beverage stand.

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Kristasphere said...

Yeah I would say that's a bit on the disrespectful side Mike....PS Glad to see you posting again!