19 January, 2007

It's a small world

Buffalo is a fairly well-known city in the US (mostly negatively well-known, that is ... snow & the Bills ... also known as the home of the chicken wing & the Sabres are starting to add some positives to the city). Buffalo is also known for the huge number of people that leave the city each year.

I would have never thought that I'd run across someone from South Buffalo, living in China. Well, on Wednesday night, I did! I was out at the Goose & Duck in Beijing with a guy from North Carolina (he's a friend of my Uncle's). Ed (the guy from South Buffalo) was rifling through some DVDs and as we were asking him about the titles, we found out he & his wife were from South Buffalo. I forgot his last name, but we didn't seem to know any of the same people (which is strange), but I'm sure we'll meet up at the G&D again.


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