24 November, 2006

T-Day recap

Thanksgiving was pretty relaxed in China. We headed to Steak & Eggs for our 4:30 dinner reservation. This was good, because I'm used to eating T-day dinner around 4pm. S&E was packed. Paul (the owner) was going nuts (entire cook/wait staff is Chinese, he finally invested in English lessons for them, progress is noticeable). Good meal, lots of wine... lots of Chinese talking going on at the table (since we all brought Chinese dates). It's amazing how Chinese girls create instant friendships with each other. I've noticed it a lot recently, especially at work. The girls just gravitate to each other and become instant friends.

After a couple of hours @ S&E and too much food, it was time to head for some post dinner cocktails...on to Centro in the Kerry Center. We got a table, ordered a couple bottles of wine & just relaxed. After a couple hours, I decided it was time for a cigar. Smoked on a smooth Romeo Y Julieta for about an hour, it was great. The girls wanted to head to Suzie Wongs, so that was the next & last stop for the night. When I got home (around 2am), I decided it was time to start dialing and wishing friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving.

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