09 November, 2006

He shoots...it wide!!

Colin at shoot out004
Originally uploaded by MJM80.

My cousin plays hockey for the UNC club team. Last week, they had a shoot out vs. Duke during intermission at the Carolina Hurricanes. Usually these slots are reserved for 5-8 year olds skating around in circles, but this is close enough.

Here's a video of my cousin shooting it wide and embarrassing himself in front of thousands of people. My suggestion to him was to just flick the puck up into the stands at his dad & then run the goalie. That's what I would do.

I can't embed the video on the blog, since I'm still "locked out" but here is the link to the video on youtube.



Anonymous said...


I was there, I didnt realize Colin was one of the UNC guys out there. They looked half the size of the pro's.

- Alberto

Anonymous said...

Another family member makes us proud. At least he can skate.
Uncle Jackie