03 November, 2006

First "inner" China trip

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I've flown in and out of China from the US a few times now, but today was my first visit to the "local" terminal at the Captial Airport in Beijing.

The first thing I noticed as I was looking out the windows in the terminal is that the planes are huge. No puddle jumpers exist in Beijing (maybe in the less popular/remote cities). I suppose it is due to the massive amount of people in China. My flight was pretty much full.

Next to me, I found what I assumed were first time flyers. Two guys, maybe in their 50s. Thet strapped in tight, read the emergency pamplet about 5 times, front-to-back & looked really nervous when we took off. Maybe this is just their ritual though.

I had my iPod on & plugged into my ears the entire time...was never once asked to turn it off...suprising, but I didn't mind.

After I picked up my bag, is was time to head out for a taxi. In Beijing, you stand in a long line, but the taxis are in a line longer than the eye can see....not in Dalian. I was shocked. I got outside to find at least 100 people in the line ... no taxis! They were coming what seemed to be every 3-5 minutes...not happy. However, a friend of mine in Beijing told me about the airport shuttle. So, I went in, told them where I needed to go & they agreed to take me. The A-Team van, 80RMB and 30 minutes later & I'm at the hotel.

The van looked very similar to the A-Team van, only there were windows along the sides & it was blue. But it did have a similar paint job & a fin on the back of it.

Full day scheduled tomorrow with head-hunters & interviews, hopefully I leave here with some new employees!

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Kristalogy said...

Hilarious! Reminds me of the "Sabatoge" video w/the Beastie Boys. K