04 November, 2006

Bottom of the ocean in a bowl

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This picture doesn't do justice in terms of describing what I had for lunch today in Dalian, I found it online.

It basically looked (and tasted) like someone scrapped the bottom of the ocean & put it into a bowl for me to enjoy. I had no rice with the meal to hide the stuff, so I was stuck tasting all of the gross stuff. Thankfully the Hennessey mixed with green tea that I drank last night (ok, drank a lot of) was still in my stomach to mix with the creepy stuff.

Other than the seafood, Dalian is a really cool city. Other than the fact that there are tons of Chinese around, I don't feel like I'm in China.

I've finished up with the head hunters, made some very good progress with them. A couple of contracts to get approved on Monday, some tests to review & hopefully new additions to the team within the next couple of weeks.

Off to do a few interviews now, then I'll have about an hour of sun light left to look around the city & snap some pictures.

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hazenjames said...

dude, that is frigthening...I am fairly certain I would end up being the skinniest person in China with food like that.