15 November, 2006

Blog on the move

Originally uploaded by MJM80.

Due to the never ending blocking issues here in China, I'll be moving the blog yet again.

Friend & colleague Esteban (http://steveglas.wordpress.com/) has been gracious enough to provide me space on his server. So, assuming another solution isn't in hand by the weekend, the move will happen prior to Monday, then back to the blogging!

Will keep everyone posted on the new location...www.manninchina.com will forward to the place I end up.


Kristalogy said...

Sorry to hear it Mike, but glad you will still be operational. That's good looking out Esteban!

I'm thisclose to canning blogger myself. It's like outage of the hour you know?

Esteban said...

My pleasure... I have been intending to move my blog to my own site but couldn't find enough time to do so...

On the other hand I wasn't willing to miss anecdotes from Mike due to such... mmm... "restrictions"