04 September, 2006

People watching in Beijing

I haven't been carrying my camera around with me, but I'm making an effort to do so. I want to try to capture at least one image a day of life in Beijing.

I took a walk down the road tonight to locate some new DVDs (got a hold of Superman, Miami Vice and World Trade Center, if I'm lucky, one of them will actually work). Typically, there are at least five guys at various points along my walk asking ... "you want DVD?...DVD?...DVD?" On top of that, the little begger kids are out in full force.

Any way, this is a shot of a group of people arguing about something. I couldn't tell what it was but they kept pointing at books on a table in front of them. A large crowd began to gather after I took this shot, along with some "security guards" keeping an eye on things.

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