04 September, 2006

"The Club House"

Jimmy's apartment is known as "The Club House." It's the hang out, the bachelor pad, the party place. It's an amazing place...over 5000sqt, huge dining area, living room, outdoor patio which looks over downtown Beijing & tons of cool stuff.

He invited me over for dinner Saturday night. His Ayi (maid), Rose, was cooking dinner. Rose is Jimmy's live-in Ayi from the Phillipines. Very nice lady & an excellent cook. After some tuna, spring rolls, shrimp & veggies, it was onto a few beers and hanging out in the club house.

From there, we were off to Face, a new bar near Jimmy's. Face is trying to cater to the "upscale" crowd in Beijing, which I'm sure they will do. It's pricey, but a great atmosphere...couches, nice lighting, plenty of room. Jimmy had a girl out, whom he met the night before. But, we were also heading out to meet a couple other girls...one who I met the weekend before and her friend, which Jimmy knows. So, it was time to for the juggling act, it was hilarious. In the end, Jimmy told the girl with us at Face that he was heading to the bathroom...he never came back. Needless to say, she was not impressed. I had already made my way to the next location... Baby Face. (In all, Jimmy ended receiving over 15 text messages from the girl...the last one reading, FU).

This was the first "dance club" I've experienced in Beijing. It's located on a strip with five or six other places just like it. We met up with Steve & some of his friends from Russia. A few hours & some vodka & plenty of my moves on the dance floor, I was completely soaked. It was disgusting, but it didn't scare away the girl I met up with (she must like sweating).

I'll end my recap there...it was a great weekend & the "girl friend" is in the works.


Dave said...


It sounds like you're having a good time. I'm glad to hear it.

Does the "girlfriend" prospect speak the language or is she using you for English lessons?

Jimmy sounds like a piece of work, but a good time.

manninchina said...

The "girlfriend" speaks great English, so, she's not using me for that ... but, I'm sure there's an ulterior motive in there somewhere (for both of us!)