02 September, 2006

Lost my virginity

...My manicure/pedicure/foot massage virginity that is. I never thought I'd be the type of guy to get that stuff done, but today in Beijing, it happened.

I figured if Steve, a high-powered lawyer from the US, does it, why couldn't I? So, I went at met Steve over at a place he's a regular at.

It's really not that girly, in fact, it's awesome. My feet have never felt better. It was amazing to see how much dead skin they shaved off, I bet the woman doing it was really impressed. Sick.

After the pedicure, manicure & 20 minute foot massage, I'm ready for a night on the town. Too bad I can't wear sandals out tonight, I really wanted to show off my shiny toe nails.


Esteban said...

I'll keep myself a virgin in this regard, thank you very much!

China is really getting into you somehow ;-)

manninchina said...

HAHA... really, it's good. You should try it.