31 August, 2006

Overwhelmed with Mandarin

I knew learning Chinese would not be easy, I knew it'd be one of the biggest challenges of my life. But boy, this is even harder than I expected. After two hours of 'b' & 'p' & 'iao' & 'ueng' & 'Mei guanxi' & 'yi' & 'er' & 'jiu' ... I am completely fried.

I've spent the last two lessons trying to master the initials, finals & tones in PINYIN. I've practiced some in between lessons. I more or less have the pronunciation down, now it's just a matter of implanting it into my head so I remember. Today I did some numbers, they weren't too bad, I was surprised. I can now easily say my apartment # ... shiba (sounds like... sheerba) B -> 18B.

We started surnames, names, how to ask and respond to questions about names, the proper grammar when asking. It's tough.

I have to hit the tapes, books & ipod a little harder. And, this Chinese girlfriend that I'm looking for can't come soon enough. Without daily, even hourly practice, it will escape my mind.


donnymac said...

grasshopper - you have a huge brain in that huge head of yours - absorb mandarin like your brain absorbs a labatts blue, be mandarin, breath mandarin.

nee how ma - how are you
hin how - good
hin how che - the food is good

my mandarin chinese lesson for the day.

ICB's in Motown next weekend! Ill miss ya brother!

Dave said...


Haven't you been speaking Chinese for years... around 4am?

Keep at it and before you know it you'll be able to tell the non-English speaking cab drivers to take the most direct route to work.

Good Luck!