25 August, 2006

TV in your car, worth the price?

Checked out engadget and came across the new DirecTV satellite for vehicles. This is tad expensive just to get TV in your car. Just under $3000 for the "dish" and $45 a month. Not worth it to me. But, I guess if you're loaded and have kids that like to fight in the car (like me and my brothers used to do), this may be a good investment.

I'm wondering when slingbox is going to come out with a mobile slingbox. Hook up your typical slingbox and home, but need a small slinger using a somewhat highspeed cell connection that you can hook up to the TV in your car. Why not? Otherwise, you could hook your laptop up to the TV, or just watch the slingbox on your laptop.

I'm connected to a slingbox in my uncle's house (NC), from Beijing. I can't say it's perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than watching chinese TV.

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