25 August, 2006

Important people

I was walking back from China Mobile, where I was charging up my SIM card. Which, btw, are very cheap here. When I was first in Beijing back in June, I got a SIM card and charged it with about 50RMB (~$6USD), that has lasted me up until now (maybe about 3 weeks of total usage). I wouldn't say I use my phone here a ton, I mean, I don't know that many people yet. I mostly use it for communicating with people at work, when I'm not at the office. And, this past week, I've been using it with my real estate guy and trying to find a tutor and a housekeeper. Text messaging is king here, as it is all over Asia. It's the preferred message of mobile communications. I've found myself using it far more than I do when I'm in the US.
So, I charged it up this time with 150RMB (~$18USD). I'm guessing it will last me at least 6 weeks, that is defintely cheap!

Anyway, as I was walking along Guanghua Road (where my apartment is located), in the Chaoyang District, I noticed Chinese military peppered along both sides of the road. Their superiors (I'm assuming) where riding up and down the road on bikes. They were all standing at attention, facing the road...waiting for something. They weren't the "security guards" that you see everywhere around here, they were defintely military. Beijing Police where also all over the main intersections.

I'm assuming someone or some important people were going to be making their way through there soon. The Embassies are very close, so it could have been some important foreigners too. I would have stayed at watched, like a tourist, but I had to get back to prepare for my first Mandarin lesson this evening. I don't want to be a complete moron.

I wonder who it was???

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Dave said...


I looked it up. You missed something big... David Hasselhoff. Is he big in China?

Just kidding!