15 June, 2007

India vs. China - Outline

I'm on my third trip to India (Bangalore) and have spent about nine months in China (Beijing) so far. I think it's about time I start providing my view of a comparison between the these two massive countries.

What I'll cover (if anyone would like any other areas covered, let me know and I'll try my best):

1. Ease of travel to & from (Visas, Airlines, Routes, Airports, etc...)

2. Transportation in country (Driving services, taxis, etc...)

3. Infrastructure (Roads, Power, Water, Internet, etc...)

4. Hotels/Apartments

5. Population/Poverty

6. Skill/Capabilities/Cost

7. Foreign enterprises and investment

8. Stock Market

9. Culture

10. Language/Communication

11. What people think (about their own country and others).

12. Manners

13. Corruption/Government

I think that'll be a good start.


Aybuk Hiawog said...

I'm looking forward to read it...

Esteban said...

Nice teaser mike.. I-ll be glued to the reader!!

Jim said...

Yes Mike - I like the list and will watch for your report!