22 May, 2007


Originally uploaded by MJM80.

After my second trip to India (Bangalore), it's starting to grow on me. This time around, I think it was the King's Castle. He had some cool stuff in there...namely, some elephant feet. I think they have fungus under their toe nails though. The head that belongs to a couple of those feet was also in the castle...picture is in the flickr stream, somewhere.

BTW...the King lives in the Castle too...weird.


Mark said...


I continue to be astounded by the sights, sounds, smells, and amazing life experiences you are taking in. On one hand, I'm a bit jealous, and on the other hand, I'm glad it's you. It seems a bit intimidating - so many cultures, so much diversity, the fact that it's so large. Revel in it. ; )

Dave said...

Glad to see you're making the most of your opportunity, because most of us only get to see those things in bad movies or boring documentaries.

Did you get to meet the king? If so, what's up with his elephant fetish?