20 April, 2007


I have not had a glass of milk since August 15, 2006. I can't remember a time before that when I've gone more than one day without a glass of milk, let alone 8 months without. I would say that I had averaged at least a gallon every two, maybe three days. Growing up, we lived on milk. Milk with every meal, including pizza. My parents probably spent more on milk than anything else.

In China, I do have milk. I put it in cereal and coffee, that's it. The taste isn't horrible, but it's just a lot different. I won't drink a glass of milk here.

I'm heading back to the States next week. People keep asking me what I miss most. MILK. A weird answer, yes...but I miss it. Of course, family and friends too...but as far is the non-important stuff goes, it's milk.

Get the milk ready mom & dad, I'm coming home!


Tim said...

I have a feeling that you're going to be drinking a lot of something else besides milk...i'll get that ready for you

Dave said...

Happy 30th!

See you next week while you're drinking your "milk".

manninchina said...

Tim...I'm on the wagon, just like you!

Dave...come on, I'm not that old yet! Although, in China, I must tell the girls I'm older than 30.