23 January, 2007

Spit sacks

I'm going to be a bit negative here...

"Shanghai cabs to get ‘spit sacks’"

What the hell are you thinking!? I'm sorry, but there is no way this is a good idea, nor is it going to help to alleviate the amount of spitting in Shanghai. Really, spend 30 seconds and think about it.

First of all, does anyone want to ride in a vehicle sitting next to a bucket full of spit? I don't. Second, does anyone want to ride in a vehicle with spit all over it (because, people are not going to hit the 'sack' 90% of the time)? I don't. Third, does anyone want to ride in a vehicle with a bucket full of spit tipping over on you as the taxi driver weaves in & out of traffic, dodges people on bikes, etc...? I don't.

I haven't seen the design of this thing, maybe it's great and none of the above will happen. But, I can assure you, people aren't going to use this. Spitting will continue until people have suck straws (like dentists use) permanently installed in their mouths.


Esteban said...

I really feel strange asking this, but: is there a lot of spitting in China?

I totally agree with your negative sides, so, if I ever go to china; I'll just WALK

manninchina said...

Yes, there really is. It's a large problem here that they are trying to fix. Second to that is waiting in line...people don't like to do that here (be it in an airport or in a car).

Anonymous said...

Why the spitting? Air polution causing a lot of phlem?

I grew up in the mountains of NC, where a lot of people "dipped snuff" - skoal, etc. Spit cans / cups were widespread - a 1/3 empty bottle of coke likely didn't contain coke at all.

Ridding on the bus until I could drive to school kids would dip and spit out the window, and as all the windows were open and when the bus was in motion, inevitably sometimes it would blow back in about 3 seats back. You learned to sit up front, and always take an aisle seat. It was gross, but sickly funny when it happened to someone else - you just didn't want it to be you.

Spit bags / cups / cans -> bad news.