11 January, 2007

The flat world + pizza

As I get back into the blogging groove, I thought I would start with some fresh content. I still have loads of content from the last 30 days to get up here, including a lot of pictures. I've been really slacking lately (sorry).

Anyway...tonight I learned something new. Pizza is a "global food." Before coming to China, I obviously knew pizza would exist here, but I didn't know how many Chinese have actually every had it, or like it. Well, tonight, I asked my team to hang with me until about 9pm, so I ordered a bunch of pies. From where? Domino's.

I didn't ask the entire team before I ordered it if they liked pizza, I was kind of just hoping everyone would. Well, they did...the really, really liked it. I asked some stupid questions, like..."have you ever had pizza before?" There were a couple who hadn't, but the majority did.

I guess this was just one of those experiences that may seem really trivial & common, but it was actually pretty interesting for me.

So, the reason for the pizza dinner in the office...

Tonight, I held my first video conference, with the help of friend and colleague Esteban (thanks dude!) Obviously, Lenovo has teams across the world, in many different countries. Well, part of our web teams are in Buenos Aires, Argentina & Beijing, China. Aside from the language barriers, 11 hour time differences and slow connection speeds, we pulled off a first video conference between the two teams. There was a very simple purpose...to introduce the two teams to each other. It was a cool experience and there will certainly be many more to come.

Through 2007, my "flat world" experiences will be a theme over here on manninchina.


Esteban said...

As far as I could tell the guys there looked pretty well fed, so I guess you all had a nice evening.

It was an interesting experience altogether, and it's ought to become more interesting in time. Pretty exiting stuff!

hazen said...

Mike - i got vidcam capabilities if you ever wanna chat, both on Skype and AOL.