07 December, 2006

The aroma of home

I didn't bring much in the way of "food" from the US with me to China. I figured I'd be able to survive just fine, and I have. That doesn't mean I don't miss certain things from home. I think the item I miss most...milk. Yes, they have milk here in China, but it has a weird taste. I can't drink it straight, I only put it in my cereal. Back in the US, I would drink milk like a horse drinks water, by the gallon.

This morning I brewed my first pot of Tim Horton's coffee. This is a chain that commands the Canadian coffee & doughnuts market; it is also all over Buffalo, NY, where I'm from. My mom & dad were nice enough to put together a nice package of stuff for me. A friend of mine here goes back to the States every couple months, so they shipped it to his house and he brought it back for me. I also got some candy canes (my team was very intrigued by them), sponge candy (another Northern NY treat), a Vonage v-phone (which is sweet!) and most important of all; the DVD of "A Christmas Story." In the spirit of this movie, I will likely enjoy some Beijing Duck & Christmas carols sung by the Chinese for Christmas dinner.

Anyway, back to the coffee. It was good. No, it was great. Thanks Mom & Dad!


Kristasphere said...

Love it!

Kristalogy said...

Maybe you should tell Horton's to do a regular shipment for expat Buffalo residents?