22 November, 2006

The wonders of VoIP

I brought my Vonage router from the US to China when I came here (holy sh!+, it's been 3 months already!). However, I failed to remember that I can't just plug "appliances" in to the walls here. That's exactly what I did with my Vonage router, blew it up.

Through the ever-growing guanxi, I managed to finally get the router fixed & got it back last night. Plugged it in & it worked like a charm.

Because I'm feeling a little home sick (really, just a little... I do like it here), I'm posting my number up here for any one who feels like giving me a call... to harass me, ask me questions, just say hello, etc.... 919-342-0730. More times than not, you'll likely get my voice mail though. Amazing that this number connects instantly from the US. In addition, I dial out using US area codes...sweet!

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