24 October, 2006

Thanks DUDE

So, my ride to and from work sucks. It takes a little over an hour each way. I got hooked up with a driver through a friend of mine here, I was in desperate need since I was given no assistance at all when I arrived in Beijing in terms of how I should get to work, what my options were, etc.... So, the main guy picks me up each morning at 7am, he usually doesn't pick me up from work...one of the other guys in his "circle of drivers" does.

Most of them are pretty good, they take the same way and typically try to drive fast. However, I got stuck with a guy a couple of weeks ago, who seems like he just recently learned how to drive. He takes a "short cut" which actually adds 30 minutes to the ride (I think he takes the short cut to avoid the tolls). He constantly slams on the brakes, doesn't know how to turn...I can go on & on.

Well, as I've mentioned, winter is rapidly approaching Beijing. The evenings these days are hanging around 8-10 C (high 40s/low 50s F). This is not exactly the weather in which you want to drive around with your windows down. Well, tonight, I was stuck with the shitty driver. He took the short cut & had the windows down. I don't know how to say "Please roll up the windows jackass" in Chinese, but I do know how to say "too cold" in Chinese. I tried it...he didn't understand. Tried to motion, he didn't understand. I think he understood, he just didn't care.

He's ten times worse than the worst taxi driver I've had in Beijing. Thanks DUDE.

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Kristalogy said...

Sounds like NYC or Chicago drivers huh?