22 October, 2006

Signs winter is coming to Beijing...

1. Belly shirt season is officially over
2. Winter coat sales (you know, the "real ones") at the Silk Market are booming
3. The kettle corn & yam vendors are starting to appear on the streets
4. The cold seems to be making people grow more impatient, line cutting is increasing
5. The Mongolians are hitting the vodka harder to stay warm
6. The girls in Beijing are starting to appear in their short skirts & black tights (I'm told the Korean girls especially like to dress like this in the winter) ... I'm not complaining
7. It's getting cold


Kristalogy said...

Mike: So how is the winter compared to the Northeast or Midwest USA?

Jim said...

Mike: So the State Fair winds up today. No, I didn't go. I spent five years there for IBM working the technology booth and that cured any attraction I had for the mess. Leaves are falling, but slow. They probably won't all be down until well after Thanksgiving. The only belly shirts are worn by the pubetts at the moll.

manninchina said...

Krista...not sure, not really winter yet :) ... I have heard it gets very cold (below freezing) and it will snow. Although, the snow won't stick...the pollution doesn't allow it.

Jim...I've gone to the state fair a total of 1 time (out of the 5 years I was in NC for it)... don't blame you for not going. Suprising that the leaves aren't changing rapidly yet...same thing here. Looked to be the same in Buffalo too. Many people expected the leaves to be changing quicker, but it's been very slow, according to the locals