19 October, 2006

More on the Buffalo, NY snow storm

Here is a video & some pictures from my friend Ryan in South Buffalo, NY (where I'm from). The video is of a transformer exploding near by...it lit up the sky. He said the noise in the video is much different that the noise he heard...but either way, it was weird.

I spoke to my parents on Sunday, they were still without power, but I think they have it back now. They have a mess to clean up, as does everyone else around Buffalo. My Mom told me that many of the electrical outlets in my Uncle's house caught fire/sparked...leaving the walls scared and black. I can't imagine what a nightmare this must be for him & everyone else in Buffalo.

Buffalo has tons & tons of huge trees that line the city roads. As you drive down side streets in South Buffalo, you can't help but notice how the trees form the resemblance of a tunnel, due to the sheer size of them, as the hang over both sides of the road. It's a shame that many of those trees are now completely ruined and will likely have to be cut down. I'm sure they will be replaced, but how long will it take for them to get back to where they once where...likely 50 years or more.

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The face of Buffalo has definitely been changed. I moved away from Buffalo about 6 years ago. Each time I go home, I kind of feel like I never left. I think that's mostly because everything seems to look the same, no dramatic changes. I think my next trip home will be quite different. On top of the fact that it will likely be about 9 months since my last visit, with the landscape change in addition, it's going to be a weird feeling.


Kristalogy said...

Brings back memories of the midwest...and actually NC 4-5 years ago!

Dave said...


The pics don't give the extent of the damage justice. Everything's a mess. I'm not sure if there's one tree unscathed in my neck of the woods (Getzville).
We lost power from Thursday to Tuesday and many other people still are without it today (Thursday).