06 October, 2006

Being disconnected sucks, so does being sick

Well, I'm on day 6 with no internet and phone and it completely sucks. I tried a conference call from SPR coffee using Skype, didn't even come close to being a 2 way conversation, I could not be heard on the other end. Supposedly the banks will open back up on Sunday and I should be able to pay the bill then, we'll see. The other piece to this puzzle is, how long will it actually take between after I pay the bill and when the service will come back on, God knows.

Today was supposed to be "Lost in Beijing" day, but I caught something nasty on Wednesday. I've been drinking a lot of watermelon juice (never had before, it's very good), because I was told it will help put nutrients back in my body? We'll see...I'm feeling a bit better. So, the Beijing tour will have to wait until a weekend in the future.

Today is "Mid-Autumn Festival" or "Moon Day" ... it's a day for family reunion and eating moon cakes. I haven't seen to many traditional things going on in Beijing these days...maybe because I'm in the more "western" area of the city.

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