13 September, 2006

Yahoo, Google & Software in China

So, Yahoo! & Google are experiencing new growth in China and I can even find people to fill my team...and this is not a small company in China!

Yahoo! has managed to double their size in China over the past year. But, it wasn't really Yahoo who did it (although, the brand name likely helped), it was China-based Alibaba, who took over management of Yahoo! China, who has spurred the growth. You can see the story here.

As for Google, they recently opened a brand new complex in Beijing. If that's not a sign of significant growth, I don't know what is (OK, they do have googles of money, so that helps).

When I was in Beijing back in July, I was out to lunch with William, the guy who was helping me find my apartment. We happened to be sitting next to a table full of Yahoo! employees (I could tell from their badges :-)). So, I asked William to talk to them for me (since I knew 3 words in Chinese at the time) and to give them my card. I was thinking, maybe I could lure them away from Yahoo!. But with what, my business card that was only in English?! Needless to say, no one ever contacted me.

The recruiting efforts are proving to be difficult. More on that in a later post coming soon.

Last, I came across this Business Week article: "China: The Next Software Center?" I've got a lot to write about in this regard...between Google, Yahoo, software jobs & my experience thus far. Stay tuned.


Leah said...

Well maybe they did not attend the right schools, like the Minister of Education in China did. He and I have something in common, we are both graduates of UB! Who'd of thought! I was reading some stuff about UB because the Dali Lama is coming and its a big deal, and I came across this stuff about distinguished Alumni. So in case you ever meet him, you can talk about Buffalo! He oversees the biggest education system in the WORLD! A Buffalo connection is everywhere! Check it out....Leah

Esteban said...

You know I'll go lend you a hand if you ask me!! ;-)

Recruiting is turning quite difficult in developing countries which have an educated population. Something similar happens in Argentina, although you still can find some pretty good guys willing to take a good job. I'm quite interested in this line you are developing, keep em comming!