28 September, 2006

Worst online survey ever...RED HERRING

I received an email earlier this week from Red Herring. One of those massive mailings from the "Co-Chief Operating Officer," Daniel Essindi. It was announcing a new forum that Red Herring is launching called, "INNOVATION." How original.

Quoted from the email...

"Red Herring is launching "INNOVATION" an exclusive forum where the innovators covered in Red Herring magazine will meet to share ideas and to echange notes face to face."
[notice the spelling error "echange"]

I thought, OK... I'll check out the survey. Maybe they will provide some more info. on what this thing is all about. Ask me questions about what I'd want to get out of such a forum, who I would most like to participate in the forum, ask me what type of opportunities or partnerships I may want to make. Wrong. Here's what they asked...

"Would you spend more than $7,000 to participate in this gathering?"

Hell no. For an event where executives will talk about "Innovation" & likely not share anything useful. What's the point of the forum, please Red Herring, share that information before you ask someone if they would spend MORE than $7,000 to attend.

They don't even have anything about this on their homepage or in the "Events" section of their website. I understand this thing may not be baked yet, but at least have some idea of what the goals of this forum would be.

Check out the survey yourself if you'd like...


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