24 September, 2006

Robots in China

Thanks to Jim for passing this blog entry on the "Chinese Beauty Robot" over to me.

Does China really need robots to dance, bow & greet people? In place with 1.4 billion people, I think not. Although, robots are cool (I had a cool when when I was a kid, but my brother and sister broke it). So, if nothing else than to make an impression and show that China can be "high-tech", then OK.

But back to my question...in a country where you can find a person for any job and typically, people only do one specific job, why are robots needed? When you can walk down the street and see 50 guys planting 25 plants...when you can look at a construction site and see one guy with a screw driver, one with a hammer and one with the wrench (not one person with all 3 tools)...why robots?

I'm just wondering if China plans to increase its already massive population with robots walking around the cities. But hey, maybe they can give the massages in the WCs, that would be a little less creepy, but still creepy.


Esteban said...

Maybe its to cope with the ever increasing majority of males... which is something I've been wanting to ask you for some time. Is this a "western myth" about china or do you notice that there are more men than women around?

manninchina said...

I never actually thought about that since I've been here, I guess I don't notice it. I'm not sure about the numbers, but in Beijing, I tend to see just about as many women than men.

Krista said...

Can you shoot me one over here to groom and bathe my dogs? I'll reimburse you when you get back.

Jim said...

Maybe this will be used to take the place of uncles and aunts. In a society where you are limited to one child (for the most part) by the second generation there will be a gap in those relatives. What will the "only child" generation do to make up for an uncle or aunt that does not exist?