13 September, 2006

Prep'ing for the Beijing Marathon...

OK...not the whole thing, less than 1/4 of it actually...10K to be exact. Even that will be hard for me. Could you imagine me trying to run 26.2 miles, in one day? It would probably take me an entire day. Maybe some day I'll get to marathon status, for now... 6 miles will be my max, and I'm not even there yet.

So, I started the running/lifting back up around September 1, when I finally received my club membership at my apartment complex. Running outside here on a regular basis is really not something I want to get into yet, for many reasons! I've been getting in 3-4 days per week, typically only 3 miles, but have done 4 a couple times. My pace...it's at 10 minute miles... not horrible, but certainly not impressive.

I was talking to my buddy Francis, from Buffalo, this morning. He's an experienced runner. Ran cross-country through high school and still runs today. His advice for me (to get to 6 miles for the race) was the following:

  • 2 weeks prior to the race ... run 5 miles at pace
  • 1 week prior to the race ... run 5 miles at pace
  • In between those runs & leading up the the 10K run, continue at 3-4 miles - 3 days /week
  • As for the 6th mile, he says I'll just push it out on race day
We shall see, I hope this works. I trust it will, as long as I continue on with my routine.

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Mark here - seems the latest security patches have fixed it so I can't log in properly. Will figure it out. Anyway - good luck on the run. My Fiance' ran a 1/2 marathon back in April in Nashville. The winner ran the full marathon in under 2 hours - I did the math on his time and it was almost 14 mph average sustained speed. I've gotten tossed off a treadmill at about 10 mph, so I just can't imagine. Plus, I do go to run to the mailbox. Early in her training, I used to go out and run with Leslie and her girls and it was cool until they started doing more than a mile or two. One day, one of her friends had a new boyfriend, a personal trainer. Stupidly, I went along with them on a six mile training run ... never again.. I just about crawled back on hands and knees.