06 September, 2006

George Bush likes corn

I saw this sign posted on the door of a little store near my office this morning. Later, during lunch, I made a stop back with someone who could tell me what the sign said. Ignorant me was thinking it was in some way poking fun at GW (not that I'd really care).

In a nut shell, the sign is trying to tell the Chinese how good corn is for you, that you should eat more of it and why. They're using GW to try to sell corn!! No clue why. The store that has the sign on it sells corn out of a "crock pot." I am going to have someone ask them in a couple of weeks if their corn sales boosted after putting the sign up.

There you go...pic of the day


Esteban said...

Er.... so George W. has a good image over there? or is the ad supported by Soy producers? ;-)

manninchina said...

HA! I've asked some people their thoughts on GW, most really don't have any comments (and I don't try to get any out of them). Best to stay away from politics :)

Esteban said...

Probably right about that... it's the best way to get into a useless argument.