23 September, 2006

DVD? ... No. ... Sex DVD? ... No.

I took a walk late this afternoon over to the big electronics shopping center near my apartment. I knew I'd get heckled here & there, but didn't think it would get as bad as it did. On a typical day of walking around the Chaoyang area, you'll get asked if you want "DVD" at least once or twice. Well, today, in the 2 block area I was walking, I was asked 29 times if I wanted to buy DVDs. Granted, some of these geniuses asked me twice (once on the way into the building & once on the way out)...a good salesmen never gives up, right?

I even had some women holding their little babies asking me..."you want DVD?" (the kids, with their "ass pants" on ... ass pants are basically pants or shorts with the seat cut open...the only explanation I can provide here is that it saves on diaper costs, but likely not good for the environment).

Usually (as the Chinese pronounce... u-u-lee) they give up after one wave of the hand, shake of the head or a simple "bu" (no). Tonight, 80% of them tried a second time. "DVD?" was quickly followed by "Sex DVD!?" ... yeah, like I want to buy your cheap porn.

So, after all of the excitement, I figured I'd contribute to one of the rickshaw guys. He didn't know what he was getting himself into when he decided he'd peddle me along for a couple of blocks...

I took it easy last night, but it's on to a party at Suzie Wong's tonight...should be interesting.

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