26 August, 2006

The internet is cool

Despite having some things blocked while here in China, without the internet I would feel pretty lonely. How would I communicate? No email, no instant messaging, no blogging, no VoIP phone.

I'm sitting in SPR coffee, in Beijing, connected to the free wi-fi. Chatting with my buddy Chris on AOL IM, doing some email, attempting to do some research for my Fantasy Football draft that's taking place tomorrow night & typing this blog. How cool is that?

Some people think being too connected is a bad thing, I don't. If you know when to stop & how to use it, it is a very good thing. More productivity, more communication and more ways to stay in touch with family, friends and collegues...especially when you're away from everyone you know. I would certainly feel pretty damn lonely if I didn't have the internet.

How ironic is this...? I'm chatting with Chris, who is from West Virginia, and I look out the window of SPR, what do I see...? A kid with a mullet! HA! Not a chinese kid either, but I think he was European, not West Virginian...sorry Chris.


Esteban said...

I'll end up my spamming of your blog with this one!! It is your last post after all.

About 6 years ago I headed back to my mom's home for X-mas and new year. The year before that my eldest brothers had givven her a PC. She used to be a computer geek back at the time where perforated cards were the "coolest" human interface, but then got out of computer sciences (long story).

We hooked up a brand new WebCam and conferenced with my brother (linving in Edmonton, Canada at the time). Dial-up connection and everything it was an awesome experience and we could feel "together" even with thousands of miles in between us.

Thanks to the internet I've seen my nephews grow, learnt about my brother's promotions, shared some nice moments... Now thanks to the internet I'm sure I'll find out when you get yoour first chinese girlfriend!!

manninchina said...

And, the internet allows us to stay in touch from world's away, it's a great thing.

Yes, when the first chinese girlfriend is in place, I'll be sure to tell the story... I just hope I don't run into crazy chick over here :)

Esteban said...

If she follows you all the way to china she deserves your atention!! ;-)