30 August, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!...

in China. Today, my assistant had some roses on her desk when I returned from a lunch meeting. I asked her ... "so, did your boyfriend send those to you?" Her response was, "no, I don't have a boyfriend right now, a boy who has a crush on me sent the flowers." So, I left it at that.

Later, a colleague of mine came by to meet with her. They were talking and laughing, so I asked what was so funny. They were talking about the flowers and then told me that today is Chinese Valentine's Day. I was like, "huh?" apparently, Chinese Valentine's Day comes once every 38 years. I didn't really get it, something to do with lunar years, etc...

So, I told them... wow, that's awesome... you only have to buy your girlfriend/wife/whatever flowers or other Valentine's-like gift once every 38 years! They said... "no, we also celebrate the US Valentine's Day too, so, sometimes, we get gifts two times per year!" Thankfully, this happened prior to the girlfriend being in place.

I thought maybe I had escaped this hallmark holiday, wrong!

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