28 August, 2006

English is very popular in Beijing

Last night, I put a posting up on thatsbj.com for a language exchange partner. It's amazing how many responses I've already got! I received over 20 responses from people interested today. Have to weed through them to see which ones are legit and which ones look promising.

Many locals here certainly see the benefits of understanding & speaking the English language. More and more students study only English in college, because jobs as an interpreter are everywhere. It's hard to find the technical skills + experience + the language skills right now, but I'm sure that population will grow rapidly.

I'm surprised the taxi drivers aren't trying to brush up on some basic English words and phrases, considering the Olympics are coming here in a couple of years. Maybe it will happen soon. Some drivers will get some help from me, because as I start learning more Chinese, I'll certainly be practicing it in the taxis & will offer some English words to them as well.

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